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Appraisal Forms

  File Size
PRMG Appraisal Guidelines 321Kb
PRMG Appraisal Transfer Policy 321Kb
VA Appraisal Transfer Requirements 194Kb


  File Size
Appraisal Checklist - Condo 2160Kb
Appraisal Checklist - PUD and SFR 865Kb
Correspondent Checklist 3176Kb
Correspondent Compliance Review Checklist 109Kb
Condo Limited Review Checklist (Internal) 55Kb
FNMA 5-10 Financed Properties Checklist (DU 10.0 or later) 148Kb
Agency DU Portfolio Manufactured Home Checklist 516Kb
FHA Manufactured Home Checklist 168Kb
VA Manufactured Home Checklist 143Kb

Compliance Information

  File Size
Correspondent Affiliate Certification 87Kb
Correspondent Compensation Certification 981Kb
QM Common Prepaid Finance Charges (PFCs) and QM Fees 48Kb
QM Points and Fees Summary 92Kb
QM Safe Harbor - Rebuttable Presumption 53Kb
PRMG TRID Resource Center Page 412Kb
Compliance HMDA 2018 Training Slides 589Kb
HMDA Addendum 2018 Sample 466Kb

Correspondent Approval Package and Forms

  File Size
PRMG Correspondent Application Package - Non Delegated (includes all required forms) 595Kb
Authorize to Release Information 86Kb
Corporate Resolution 77Kb
Non Delegated Correspondent Loan Purchase Agreement 196Kb
FHA Principal-Authorized Agency Agreement 61Kb
Loan Correspondent Compensation Certification 58Kb
Policy on Mortgage Loan Fraud 62Kb
PRMG Profit Margin Request Form 144Kb
VA Addendum to PRMG Loan Purchase Agreement 112Kb
Veterans Administration Information Form 40Kb
W-9 Form 96Kb
Delegated Correspondent Loan Purchase Agreement 204Kb
PRMG Correspondent Application Package - Delegated (includes all required forms) 554Kb
Correspondent Approval Policy 435Kb

FHA Forms

  File Size
FHA Amendatory Clause and Real Estate Certification 79Kb
FHA Appraisal Logging Insrtuctions 2410Kb
FHA Case Cancellation Request 160Kb
FHA Case Transfer Request Form 77Kb
FHA Comprehensive Risk Assessment 752Kb
FHA Condo Certification 192Kb
FHA Identity of Interest 92Kb
FHA Maximum Mortgage Refinance Worksheets with NTB for Cases ON OR AFTER 9-14-15 337Kb
Mortgagees Assurance of Completion 256Kb
FHA Gift Funds Job Aid 239Kb

General Forms

  File Size
4506-T (Editable) 108Kb
Age Restriction Property Certification 66Kb
Attached PUD-Condo Warranty Form 104Kb
Bank Correspondent Lending Application Package 479Kb
Correspondent Corporate Resolution 64Kb
Correspondent LDP-GSA Form 154Kb
Correspondent Lending Application Package 547Kb
Correspondent Loan Estimate Certification 126Kb
DPA Approval Submission Form 571Kb
Exception Request Form 415Kb
Fraud Alert Confirmation 118Kb
HOA Full Lender Condo Review Questionnaire 206Kb
HOA Full Lender Condo Review Submission Form 151Kb
HOA Limited Condo Questionnaire - Optional 42Kb
HOA PUD Questionnaire 93Kb
Home Possible (Affordable Loan) Data Collection Form 197Kb
HomeReady Non-Borrower Household Income Worksheet and Certification 54Kb
Manual Lock Request Form 993Kb
Notes to Underwriter for Loan Submissions 66Kb
PIW Borrowers Disclosure Form 69Kb
PIW Property Ownership Affidavit 120Kb
Project Presale Form 1043Kb
Undisclosed Debt Disclosure 104Kb
Correspondent Doc Order Form 319Kb
Debt-Asset Worksheet 609Kb
Income Calculation Worksheet 2275Kb
Letter of Explanation 118Kb
FHA and VA Lead Standard Certification for Water Systems 0Kb
LDP-GSA Form 259Kb
Gift Letter 100Kb
Authorization for Social Security Administration To Release SSN Verification (SSA-89) 64Kb

Jumbo and Second Mortgage Product Forms and Information

  File Size
Diamond Jumbo Eligibility Review Submission Form 418Kb
Diamond Jumbo Net Tangible Benefit Worksheet 89Kb
Internal Jumbo Corporate UW Submission Checklist 163Kb
Diamond Condo Full Review Warrantable Questionnaire 363Kb
Closed End Second Loan Revision Summary Form 1632Kb

PRMG Policies, Procedures, and Information

  File Size
4506T - Instructions for Completing 566Kb
AUS Tolerance Requirements 666Kb
Community Property States 195Kb
Condo Review FAQs 228Kb
Condo-PUD Project Review Manual 657Kb
Correspondent Contact List 144Kb
Correspondent Lock Policies 2504Kb
Correspondent Products 206Kb
PRMG DPA List 219Kb
Electronic Signature Requirements 170Kb
E-Mail Template for Valuations 226Kb
E-Sign Consent Form 91Kb
E-Signing with Adobe Reader 1293Kb
FHA Streamline Minimum Requirements for Submission 85Kb
Homebuyer Education Courses 72Kb
LDP GSA Instructions 139Kb
Mortgage Credit Certificates Information 272Kb
OFAC Sanctioned Countries 191Kb
Property Tax Rate Table 67Kb
PRMG Loss Payee - Correspondent 530Kb
PRMG TRID Resource Center Page 412Kb
State Tax Impound Schedule 192Kb
Tax Transcript and Tax Return Requirements 160Kb
VA Attachment B -Geographical Regions for Residual Income Guidelines 54Kb
VA Attachment C -Loan Guaranty and Required Downpayment Examples 63Kb
VA Loan Guaranty Calculation Examples 19Kb
VA Loan Limits 2016 1826Kb
USDA Processing Offices by State 684Kb
VA 2016 Calculator Tool 5274Kb
VA Loan Guarantee Calculation Worksheet 509Kb
VA Community Property Requirements 72Kb
Accessing AllRegs 230Kb
Instructions for Completing the 92900-A (Conditional) 879Kb
Instructions for Completing the 92900-A (Unconditional) 877Kb
FHA MIP Matrix 203Kb
HUD Repair Escrows 189Kb
VA Loan Limits 2017 1825Kb
VA 2017 Calculator Tool 5298Kb
PACE-Program Approval List 337Kb
ARM Product Data (Adjustments, Caps, Floor and Margins) 126Kb
Instructions for Underwriters for Completing Dates on the 92900-LT, 92900-A and 92800-5B 458Kb
Instructions for Completing the 92900-A (Conditional) (for cases assigned on or after 8/16/16) 771Kb
Instructions for Completing the 92900-A (Unconditional) (for cases assigned on or after 8/16/16) 777Kb
VA 2018 Calculator Tool 5480Kb
VA Loan Limits 2018 1902Kb
Extended Lock Option 146Kb
PRMG Master Exclusionary List 653Kb
Delegated Correspondent Quick Reference Guide 397Kb
PRMG Insurance Requirements and Additional Information 193Kb
Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Codes 141Kb
Credit Refresh Policy 120Kb
PRMG +Plus Down Payment Protection Program Information 107Kb
Plantation Fulfillment Center Resources 219Kb

Product & Pricing

  File Size
How to Price VA IRRLs and FHA Streamlines 527Kb

State Specific Information

  File Size
California LE MLDS Addendum 107Kb
Colorado Tangible Net Benefit Disclosure 64Kb
Colorado Third Party Fee Disclosure 107Kb
Illinois Tangible Net Benefit Worksheet 36Kb
Massachusetts Tangible Net Benefit Worksheet 11Kb
Massachusetts Title 5 Official Inspection Form 347Kb
New Mexico Rate Lock Disclosure 22Kb
Rhode Island Tangible Net Benefit Worksheet 91Kb
State Specific Net Tangible Benefit 87Kb
West Virginia Tangible Net Benefit Worksheet 134Kb
State Guidelines 99Kb
Correspondent Sales Territories 178Kb

Submission Requirements (TRID)

  File Size
Correspondent Loan Submission Form (TRID Revised) 91Kb
Correspondent Submission Requirements (TRID Revised) 163Kb
Correspondent Loan Submission Form TRID 91Kb

Training / Instructional Material

  File Size
Correspondent Case Number Assignment Requests Instructions 247Kb
Correspondent Loan Estimate Job Aid 406Kb
FHA Mortgagee ID Lookup Table User Instructions 70Kb
VA Loan Training Guide 2015 4197Kb
Correspondent Website User Manual 2175Kb
Instructions for Completing VA 1802a Applications Prior to 08-01-2016 651Kb
MI Training Support Material 1833Kb
PRMG University YouTube Channel 61Kb
Working with LoanBeam 861Kb
Self-Study Advanced Processor Training (Pre-Underwriting Training) 1342Kb

USDA Forms and Links

  File Size
USDA Attachment 15 - Origination Stacking Order Checklist 152Kb
USDA Attachment A - Eligible Household and Repayment Income Worksheet 99Kb
USDA Attachment C - Origination Stacking Order Checklist 114Kb
USDA Attachment E - Electronic Delivery (Where to send files) 197Kb
USDA CFR Part 3555 / Handbook 1-3555 Quick Reference 354Kb
USDA CFR Part 3555 / Handbook 1-3555 Resource Assistant Document 636Kb
USDA Training and Links 64Kb
USDA Memo on Standardization Process 230Kb
USDA Notice to Applicants - Income Disclosure 62Kb
USDA Request for Single Family Housing Loan Guarantee (3555-21) 3661Kb
USDA UW and Closing Matrix 393Kb
USDA GUS Submission Requirements 858Kb
USDA GUS Loan File Review Guide 162Kb

VA Forms

  File Size
How To Order a VA Case Assignment 1051Kb
VA Blank NOV (Notice of Value) 90Kb
VA Childcare Expense Letter 91Kb
VA Counseling Checklist (26-0592) 12Kb
VA Debt Questionnaire 473Kb
VA Federal Collection Policy Notice (26-0503) 431Kb
VA IRRRL Worksheet 651Kb
VA Loan Analysis (26-6393) 791Kb
VA Payment Comparison Letter 72Kb
VA Questionnaire (Debt Letter Procedure, Reserve Status, Nearest Living Relative) 104Kb
VA Request for Certificate of Eligibility (26-1880) 496Kb
VA Request for Determination of Value (26-1805) 25Kb
VA Rights of VA Loan Borrowers (26-8978) 23Kb
VA Verification of Benefits (26-8937) 340Kb
VA Cash Out Refinance and IRRRL Worksheet 381Kb
VA Escape Clause 295Kb
VA Cash Out Refinance and IRRRL Worksheet 381Kb